Patent Searches

Before you apply for a patent, it is important to conduct a detailed patent search. It can save you time and money, and can also guide you about whitespaces that may allow defining the right scope of patentable invention. A filing without a patentability search or patentability assessment is no less than killing the opportunity. Meet our expert patent search team to help you assess the right potential of your invention.

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Patent Prosecution Support

Patent prosecution is the interaction between an applicant and the patent office. We are one of the top few companies in the area with expertise in several patent prosecution stages, and particularly patent drafting. Our patent experts have prepared patent drafts for top prosecution law firms of the United States and other countries, big tech corporations, start-ups as well as for individual inventors. Contact our team to understand more about our drafting credentials and portfolio.

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Patent Advisory

Whether it is about Patent Intelligence or Patent Strategy or Patent Research, we are a one stop solutions provider for all your patent advisory and research needs. Our patent clinicians work at the intersection of business, law and technology to lay the foundation for your successful business. Meet us now for all your patent needs.

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Content Curation and Intelligence

Content curation and intelligence is an important part of a successful content marketing strategy. By carefully selecting and sharing relevant and valuable information with your audience, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and build trust with your customers. At Maxinov, we offer content curation and intelligence services to help businesses save time and resources while staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in their industry. By utilizing our content curation and intelligence services, you can ensure that your audience has access to the most relevant and useful information in your industry, helping you build credibility and establish yourself as a trusted source of information.

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Patent Searches

patent search services

Patent Prosecution

patent prosecution support

Patent Advisory

patent advisory services

Content Curation and Intelligence

content curation and intelligence

intelligence, innovation, impact

Enhance your organization's innovation capabilities with our 3I model, a comprehensive tool for capturing and analyzing technology and patent intelligence. Our approach helps you create a framework that meets your specific needs and has a long-term, positive impact on your business. By implementing the 3I model, we guide you towards making informed, strategic decisions that pave the way for success. Let us help you achieve your goals and drive your organization forward.

Solutions & Services

Patent Searches

Our patent search services are designed to be high-quality, effective, and reliable. We offer a range of services to meet your specific needs, including patentability assessment, validity search, invalidation search, infringement study, freedom to operate search, claims mapping, state of the art search, IDS, and patent landscape search. Trust us to help you navigate the complex world of patents and intellectual property with confidence.

Patent Prosecution Support

Patent prosecution involves all types of interactions between a representative of a patent applicant and the patent office of a country. Our team of patent specialists has an extensive experience and necessary technological knowledge to support in all aspects of patent prosecution such as patent drafting, patent application and more.

Patent Advisory

Our advisory team delivers a range of consulting services to help clients develop innovation roadmap and patent strategies, and access untapped opportunities over an entire spectrum of intellectual property management. This involves a consulting support and strategy development along the stages of building intellectual property.

IP for Startups

Are you a startup or a small business looking to protect intellectual property and grow your business? Our team of experienced patent consultants is here to help.

With Maxinov, you’ll get expert guidance and support every step of the way in the patent process at reasonable rates.

Patent Illustrations/Drawings

Maxinov is a company that offers patent drawing and illustration services for design and utility patents. They have a team of expert patent illustrators who have a deep understanding of the patent process and a proven track record of success in helping clients effectively communicate their ideas. Their services include creating detailed and accurate drawings for design and utility patent applications, as well as providing customized solutions to meet the unique needs of their clients. They offer these services to help businesses protect their unique design or utility inventions.

Content Curation and Intelligence

Maxinov is a company that offers content curation and intelligence services to businesses of all sizes. Their team has a deep understanding of various industries and a proven track record of success in helping clients stay informed and engaged. Their services include industry-specific content curation, customized content delivery, and intelligence gathering and analysis. These services aim to help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest trends and insights in their industry, filter through noise, and deliver relevant, high-quality content to their audience.

Most Popular Among Our Clients

Patent Drafting and Filing

Drafting a patent application is an art and involves techno-legal writing to describe an invention. It requires years of experience of interacting with the Office and attorneys to appreciate the difference between available choices.

Patentability Assessment (Search)

A patentability assessment includes a patent search, a detailed analysis of the references discovered in the search, and a written report on patentability of an invention. A patent search is the first step in a patentability assessment.

Patent Landscapes

Our team has experienced persons of over a decade of experience in handling patent matters. We have successfully delivered more than 100 technology landscape projects many of who included over 1000 hours of work.

IP Strategy

Whether it is a big corporation or a mid-size firm or a startup or an inventor practicing at an individual level – all need IP strategy. However, IP strategy for each of them will be different as the objectives and requirements are different in each case.

Content research and curation

Our curation offerings can help in your business growth in many ways. Content curation is not just aggregation but involves much more than a simple task of copying from somewhere and pasting in a destination site.

Why People Choose Us?


99% of our clients are satisfied

Earning your trust and respect is our top priority. We use a combination of passion, expertise, knowledge, and skills to build this trust. This keeps most of our customers delighted with the work.

We have reasonable prices

We leave no stone unturned in offering our clients with the quality service at reasonable prices. Delivering the service is about trust.

We are dependable

Finding a vendor or business partner who will consistently play their part is one of the great needs in any relationship. We ensure reliability, consistency, steadiness even in difficult situations, which makes us dependable for our customers.

Who We Are?

Maxinov is a global service provider of Intellectual Property (Patent) Services, Legal Support Services, Patent Advisory Services, Patent Strategy, Patent Search Services, Illustration Services, and Market Research Services. Maxinov also helps companies develop innovation ecosystems that involve integration of innovation asset strategy and software knowledge. We also provide services in healthcare technologies particularly around developing healthcare ecosystems and content strategy. We bring technology expertise, quality, and cost-effective solutions at a single platform. With a unique combination of expertise, high quality standards, and cost-effective solutions, we hold a top position in the industry. We serve our clients worldwide to help them foster their company’s growth and innovation.

Why work with us

At Maxinov, we are proud to have a highly skilled and experienced team of professionals. Our team includes experts in a wide range of fields, including engineering, science, law, medicine, economics, illustration, IT, and language. Our professionals are trained to deliver world-class knowledge solutions that are recognized and appreciated globally. Trust us to provide you with top-quality services and expertise.

Strong Points

There are more than one reasons for why you would want to work with Maxinov. We assure of commitment for these benefits of working with Maxinov.

Fast Turn-around and Servicing Response

We do our work with passion and want your business to flourish. This motivates us for fast servicing response and quick turn-around to support our customers in all situations.

Timely Execution and Delivery

We believe timely execution and planned delivery is the key to business. Our operations team understands it well and does not compromise with delivery schedules in any manner even if the commitments are made on short notices.


These are three pillars of our successful relationships with customers. We strive for zero error and client delight. While nothing can be perfect, our goal is always to be the closest possible to being ‘perfect’.

We have reasonable prices

We leave no stone unturned in offering our clients with the quality service at reasonable prices. Delivering the service is about trust.

We are dependable

Finding a vendor or business partner who will consistently play their part is one of the great needs in any relationship. We ensure reliability, consistency, steadiness even in difficult situations, which makes us dependable for our customers.

Experienced Team

A team of leading professionals with a combination of diverse backgrounds and skill sets is our core strength.

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