Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM)

An Overview of Patent Landscape Analysis

  What is Patent Landscape Analysis? Why is Patent Landscaping Important? Landscape analysis is a multi-step process that is aimed to parse through, organize and extract value or insights of interest from vast amount of information often scattered at different places across a variety of data sources. When this analysis is done for patents that […]


How to Patent an Idea?

In this article, we will discuss about patenting an idea and whether and in what forms ideas can be patented. Can you patent an idea or a concept? Can you patent an idea? The quick and simple answer to the question is NO. You cannot patent an idea. It is true that an invention starts […]

basic of patent drafting
Patent Writing

The Basics of Patent Drafting

In this article, you will learn about the basics of patent writing (also called patent drafting), common mistakes patent writers do in patent preparation, and best practices for an effective and good-quality patent draft. This article is about writing a non-provisional patent application. To understand about how to draft a provisional patent application, please click […]

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