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There is data all around – Big Data. This includes Technology Data as well. Did you ever wonder how many patents are filed every year? How many technology products are launched every year? How many scientific articles are published every year? How many internet resources are added every day? Imagine the wonders that data analysis and knowledge curation can do for your technology and business needs. Engage with our ‘Technology Data Scientists’, and ‘Knowledge Scientists’ and they will help you make sense out of scattered data (technical and non-technical) through a rigorous research process.

Knowledge Services at Maxinov cover a range of activities related to the management, curation, and analysis of scientific as well as non-scientific data. Our knowledge scientists work to provide access, aggregation, and management services for researched data, which includes such as value added curation services (with appropriate data quality assurance and quality control), data transformation and visualization, data ingestion, and searching. The power of analytics can transform massive data into simple and comprehendible elements to make informed decisions and recommendations. There is much more than you can think of our Knowledge Scientists can support you in to offload your bulk work and help you close more business in the same time.

At Maxinov Solutions, we have knowledge scientists, content writers, and senior editors who are capable of understanding science and presenting the evidence in an audience-specific language and format. We help clients analyze the changes around them (issues, disruptions, market shifts) and connect the dots to generate meaningful outputs through comprehensive and process-driven research and knowledge gathering. This makes us unique in our own way. The complete range of services provided by us mainly includes knowledge curation consisting of data discovery and curation, content writing, editing, reviewing and QC of documents from scratch etc. We also help create companies documents such as publication documents (manuscripts, reviews, systematic review and meta-analysis) and marketing documents (like newsletters, slide-decks, and patient education materials).


Our Goal

Our goal is to make an impact on our clients, people, society, and most importantly to the world. We know it is a big and bold goal to state but it is so rewarding to accomplish and motivates us for working more efficiently and enthusiastically so that we can build a bright future in knowledge industry.

Why hire us for your technology research and intelligence needs?

The Benefits from our Knowledge services

Technology research, intelligence, and analytics allow companies to perform historical analysis, assess trends, make technology predictions and forecast near future. We help companies analyze the data in a way that brings business value and in understanding the gaps and whitespaces that are otherwise not visible in the scattered and unstructured information.

Our approach involves accessing the data through manual searching and automated tools and algorithms. We have access to some of the finest paid databases. We apply auto-filters to remove what is not important for our clients. The filtered information is run through analytics tools and software to generate interesting insights and associate a meaning to it. Recommendations and trends follow the analysis in the form of a report.

One of the various services under our research head is curation of technology and scientific (as well as non-scientific) data with careful understanding of client requirements. A big challenge is to know and predict what is relevant and what is not. Our researchers have the skill to recognize this very well after a few meetings and discussions with the clients. They are highly experienced and qualified with at least Masters level academic certifications.

Our technology intelligence services provide client insights into what is not obvious but is extremely helpful from the point of view of competition analysis and competition intelligence.

Competitive advantage

In this fast-paced competitive environment, technological innovations are fundamental and backbone of any business success. Gone are the days when companies used to innovate once and sit back for life earning regular businesses. In this age, a sound competitive technical intelligence is MUST to enable companies identify where technology can deliver a competitive advantage in areas such as marketing, product design, and R&D in absolute terms and relative to others.


There is a lot to innovate. But you need to know what the best opportunities are for you. What are the untapped opportunities and how should you capture them. Our landscape scientists let you know about it with whitespace analysis and trends analysis.

The Impact

Most importantly, we help you create an impact that is long lasting on your businesses and help you understand and discover what is undiscovered. A good CI and TI strategy can do wonders in terms of creating an overall impact on your business.

Popular Questions

  • I am an individual inventor. Can I seek your services? What can it help me with?

    Yes, many of our clients are in fact individual innovators, inventors and researchers. We can help you understand who are the key innovators and researchers working on things that you are interested in. What have they done so far and how can you leverage from their work. We can also help you identify whether your research is novel and can be protected through IP. There are many more things that you will definitely know as you work with our experts.

  • How can I ensure confidentiality of our documents?

    We start with formal contracting, NDAs and necessary agreements. Many clients prefer export compliance too as they send confidential information to us. So, there is nothing to worry about it. We ensure ultra-secured gateways that do not allow leakage of confidential information.

  • Are you confident about the quantity, quality, and depth of data?

    In any competition intelligence or technology intelligence work, if you start with insufficient or inaccurate data, you are likely going to get faulty and wrong conclusions. We have access to some of the finest CI and IP databases that provide us updated and accurate in-depth information.

  • Who will work on my projects? Will the person on-boarded for the work be familiar with technology?

    Yes. Our researchers who work on competition and technology research matters are masters in their respective disciplines. They have good understanding of the technology and what’s going on in the industry.

  • Is competitive intelligence a one-time effort or a continuous and systematic exercise?

    Although competition and technology intelligence are valuable for answering specific sets of questions and solving a problem, but it’s more valuable when it’s continuous and systematic as it can generate regular streams of inputs for improving our position with respect to others and ensure we do not fall back. The process involves stages such as: Planning, Aggregating data, Analyzing, and Executing.

  • What services do you offer as part of your Technology Research and Intelligence Services?

    Key services are: Technology intelligence, Competition analysis and intelligence, Trends analysis, Historical data analysis, Technology landscapes, Whitespaces analysis, Gaps analysis, Opportunity analysis, Scientific and non-scientific literature curation.

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