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Maxinov is a global service provider of Intellectual Property (Patent) Services, Legal Support Services, Patent Advisory Services, Patent Strategy, Patent Search Services, Illustration Services, and Market Research Services.


Patent Search Services

Our search experts have helped clients globally in making critical decisions about patents filing, defending the intellectual property, and monetization of patent assets by delivering the right and reliable patent information and patent search services.

Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services at Maxinov cover a range of activities related to the management, curation, and analysis of scientific as well as non-scientific data. Our knowledge scientists work to provide access, aggregation, and management services for researched data…

Patent Advisory

We provide companies in-depth information about competition, technology roadmaps of competitors, recent competitive and technology trends, patent intelligence,  and future technological insights based on patent data.

Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution is the interaction between applicant or his representatives with the patent office of a country. It involves different stages of a patent from patent application preparation and patent filing to the grant amendments.
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